Learn to Ski & Snowboard Lessons

You want to experience all that Tahoe has to offer but you’ve never been on skis or a snowboard before.  Never fear!  The North Lake Tahoe ski resorts all offer lessons and rentals if you’re over the age of 3 or 4!

Are you wondering which North Lake Tahoe ski resort has the best ski or snowboard school for you?  Most offer similar services so your choice really depends on your personal preferences and your pocketbook.  It never hurts to have a reference from a friend about a recommended instructor or ski school either!

Prices vary significantly based on the program, skill level and wither it’s a group or private lesson.  Do your homework here as the variance is from under $100 to over $500.  Be sure to check for lift, lesson and rental package deals too!

When you do choose a resort and a ski or snowboard school, it may take a few lessons before you’re comfortably shredding some powder, with the wind on your face and a proud gleam in your eye.  Don’t forget to partake in après-ski ritual, there’s nothing better after a day on the mountain!

All the following ski resorts offer ski and snowboard lessons and rents to Adults and Children. You have a choice between private lessons or taking them with a class.

Starts at Age 3.  Ask about their Take 3 Ride free program.
Starts at Age 3.
Starts at Age 3. Specializes in teaching beginners.
Use of Epic Mix Academy that allows you to track progress and share on social media.  Also offers expert lessons for those wanting to hone their skills.
Ages 8+ for group.  Children 3-8 years old are offered private lessons in the Planet Kids snow playground area.
Offer family lessons, and expert lessons along with beginner and intermediate programs.
Family lessons, Children aged 4-12 take lessons at the South Lodge, while the adults over the age of 13 take lessons at the North Lodge.
The Child Ski Center is a separate area for children aged 3-7.  Three year olds are offered private lessons only, the older children have the option of a group lesson.
Children’s lessons: Age 4 – 10 for for ski lessons, 7 – 10 for snowboarding. Beginners: Age 11 and up for group and private lessons