Tahoe Area Cross Country Skiing

Lake Tahoe is well-known for downhill skiing, but a wonderful surprise is the wide variety of trails and support for cross country skiing. The commitment to these sports runs deep. The Tahoe Cross Country Ski Education Association (TCCSEA) is a non-profit that keeps trails open and offers resident children opportunities to fall in love with the sport. Strider Gliders is their 8 week program for school children with education, outings, and equipment included. Their trail map trails are color-coded for all levels of expertise.

Tahoe Donner has over 100k of prime trails groomed for winter enthusiasts. Several specific trails are ready for snowshoers including Tim’s Trek, Walkabout, and Solitude.

Donner Memorial State Park has five cross-country trails ranging from one-half to five miles in length. Glide past silent snow-covered pines around the lake on a crisp sunny day.

Tahoe Adventure Sports has a listing of cross country trails listed by each of the shore areas. For South Lake Tahoe, visit a great list of options at the Tahoe Activities website.

One of my favorite things is to go off the beaten path and into the forest with my skis.  While there are many areas in which to try this, you will need permits to park in some areas and other areas do not allow parking on the roads in the winter months due to road maintenance equipment.  Be in the know so you don’t ruin the zen of your day with a ticket or tow.  Check out the areas you may park with permits here.

Always be prepared and let someone know where you are, when you leave and when you have returned.  After 35 years of hitting the same paths, I have gotten turned around, tired or cold and have had to call for help.

While others are enjoying hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps after their Nordic day, I like Mexican Hot Chocolate (Ibara is best) and Tequilla…ya gotta try it!

Enjoy Tahoe Area Cross Country Skiing this snow season!