Tahoe Paddle Boarding

Why I Love Tahoe Paddle Boarding as a Sport

I spend a lot of my time in warmer weather paddle boarding. It’s a fantastic sport- it builds stamina and improves balance. I get a good muscle workout in my abs and shoulders. Having good posture is important, which is great for everyday posture practice as well. Paddling on the water also builds my body strength.

When I started out, the balance part was tricky, and I fell into the water many times. The good news is it’s a soft fall, and the water is refreshing! I paddle board standing up, although you can also board on your knees or lying face down on the board, which allows people of all fitness levels to have fun.

Paddle Boarding History

This growing sport started in Hawaii in the 1950’s. Prior to this there was ‘paddle-surfing,’ where surfers would stand up to watch other surfers and paddle back and forth beyond the waves. Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) didn’t really catch on until 2004 when Rick Thomas reignited the idea in California. Since then, paddle boarding has moved from the oceans onto all our waterways. Kneel down paddle boarding (KNUP) and prone paddle boarding also quickly developed.

Lake Tahoe Paddle Boarding

Lake Tahoe is ideal for paddle boarding! Sliding along the water is soothing to the soul. Being out with Mother Nature’s surroundings and wildlife adds a calm to my day and stress melts away. If you’re a competitor at heart, there are three paddle boarding races this summer starting with the Donner Lake Tahoe Cup.

Give it a try! Beginners can rent equipment and check out some fun videos here.