North Tahoe Concierge

I was tossing around ideas in my mind on what to name this section.

“Concierge.”  That was the only term I could think of; the key person in upscale hotels who arranges all the lovely things one might want- great dining, wonderful entertainment, chocolate-covered strawberries, and so on. So, to spark ideas, I looked up the word concierge.

Old definitions include keeper of the candler, prison warden, and janitor. Newer ones include a hotel employee, a Googling expert, or a French building caretaker.

The root of the word is ‘conservus.’ This article described a concierge as a “perk of a finer hotel… who doesn’t carry your bags in, but will help you with anything else.”

That’s what I wanted this section to be! North Tahoe Concierge should be a place for my clients and friends to enjoy the perks of life; where you can find vetted and referred services, activities, and places that will take care of your needs. A comfortable resource for you to find the many nicer touches to perk up your busy life.

This will be a work in progress… Please come and visit often as new content is added. I look forward to sharing many of the superior experiences and people that North Tahoe has to offer.

Participation is gladly encouraged. If you have a delightful contact or resource to share, please pass it along!

Truckee & Tahoe Concierge